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Gold Package

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Silver Package

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Coaching Chefs

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Arts & Wellness

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Strong Immunity with Covid-19

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Pinwheel Wellness Presentations

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Hourly Health Coaching

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Pinwheel Wellness Concierge Membership

Concierge coaching is a relatively new approach to health & wellness delivery in which the health coach significantly limits her practice to fewer clients in order to provide more care with each one. Scheduling time is easier and more flexible. Greater time and services are offered for personalized, whole person care.

The annual membership supports you or your family household for access to a health coach. This mainly supports building a continuous, stronger immune system to fight disease including Covid-19. You will have support developing and diversifying your activities, achieving relaxation, food plans can be created including dining out food choices, conversions of favorite recipes to make them healthier, clarity on grocery store food labels and healthier food purchases are just a part of keeping you well through the year. You will develop new behaviors in food choices and activities for longevity. Contact us for this membership opportunity.